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A new feature has been added - you can now place attachments and images anywhere inside your post. This will make it easier to include images in your messages without using an image hosting service.
  • Up to 8 attachments can be uploaded per message
  • Each individual attachment has a 20MB limit
  • There is a 100MB combined total upload limit for attachments per message
Add an inline attachment

[attachimg=1 align=left width=400]

This will show a left-aligned image resized to 400 pixels wide with the post text flowing around it. Except for the attachment tag and its number all other parameters are optional.

This will show the attachment as a thumbnail if available, if no thumbnail is available it will use a full sized image. The image will be in line with the text of your post.

attach=x, attachimg=x, attachurl=x, attachmini=x where x is the attachment number
align=left, center, right
width=### (number in pixels)

Modes available

You can choose the inline mode you want for your attachment:
  • Thumbnail [attach=x] Your image will be shown as a thumbnail
  • Full-size Image [attachimg=x] Your image will be shown using its full dimensions up to the viewing size allowed by the forum. Images larger than the viewing size allowed by the forum will be displayed at the forum maximum and be click-able to full size
  • Text Link [attachurl=x] Only a link is show with size and view details. By clicking on it, the image is displayed.
  • Short Text Link [attachmini=x] Only a link is shown without any details. By clicking on it, the image is displayed.
You can choose how to align the inline image:
  • align=left The image is aligned to the left and the text will flow around it
  • align=right The image is aligned to the right and the text will flow around it
  • align=center The image is centered and the text will be below it
You can choose how wide to show the image:
  • width=123 The image is displayed 123pixels wide
  • If the width specified is larger than the image or larger than the forum allows the largest allowable width will be used
  • Can be used to shrink a thumbnail as well [attach=1 width=50] will display a 50px wide thumbnail
How to use it?

Step 1 :
In the attachment file selection, select the attachment file you want to upload;

Step 2 :
Select the inline mode, if any, you want using the list box "Inline modes";

Step 3 :
Repeat the steps for each attachment you want to upload. Move and edit the tags in the message body to suit your needs.

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