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Now U need to know moment for masks
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April 09, 2020, 01:57:04 AM
  • mahe236
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With the crazy spread of coronavirus around the world,  I will share

how to buy masks from China correctly.
1. Must have formal qualification certification, please pay attention

to the main production products reflected in the CE report.
2. Whether the qualification report provided is valid or not, instead

of the reality, it only means that the sample provided is qualified

and reaches the standard.
3. Is it possible to provide an English test certificate to ensure

that the tested products are consistent?
4. Whether the FDA certificate is temporary or valid for a long time,

and there are clear standards to describe the product.
5. Whether the product is for civil use or medical use, can medical

qualification certificate be provided?
6. Whether there are FFP2 and FFP3 on the product and the industry

execution standards.
7. Formal CE certification products, printed with CE+FFP2 + execution

standard (civil mask)
8. Printed CE+FFP3+ execution standard, representing medical
9.KN95 mask cannot reflect CE+FDA at the same time. If it appears at

the same time, it is fake
10. N95 masks certified by NIOSH must be printed with the supplier's

own trademark, as it takes several years to register and must be used

legally with the trademark
Follow me show you how to buy the real face masks.

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The best virus protection masks

Started by mahe236 on The Lounge

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by mahe236

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