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Google is tightening it's grip!
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November 25, 2013, 07:49:26 AM
  • BSD2000
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It seems like Google is getting more and more Orwellian with their integration of YouTube and Google+. Not only are YouTube comments being shared with Google+, but clicking thumbs up or down on a comment is too. I clicked 'thumbs up' on a comment and a message popped up 'You publicly thumbed up this comment' on Google+. When I went to my Google+ page, it started guiding me through all sorts of intrusive questions to expand the information on my page. Google has really become way to powerful and monopolistic, IMHO.

Back in the 1980's we had the phone company monopoly, which was broken up by the government and the courts. I think Google is way beyond becoming a monopoly and we're at the point where I feel the courts should intervene. But with the current political climate, I don't see that happening anytime soon. :(

How many people will now stop posting comments because they don't want to open up a Google+ account, risking even more exposure of their privacy to the greed-driven, Google corporate monstrosity? I'm guess a LOT of people.

I think everyone misinterpreted Google's slogan of 'do no evil'; it's more like we 'do know evil!'

They know evil because they are evil.  :-X
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